Kaleen Cubby House (affectionately known as 'Cubby') is a not-for-profit community based early learning centre which caters for up to 20 children per day.

Cubby has a long running history in the Kaleen Community, having been in operation for over 30 years.



As Cubby is situated into a small house, with a huge backyard, children feel like they are on an extended 'play date.' This leads to very few issues with settling as the homely vibe has children feeling calm and relaxed upon entering. Additionally, our family grouping and small staff base (with low turn-over rates) bolsters the family feel. Siblings can interact together at all points of the day, and children without siblings are exposed to the learning opportunities that having a sibling provides. 

We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with families, getting to know the children on a deeper level and providing a very high level of education and care.

Kaleen Cubby House has an open door policy and encourages families to spend time playing and learning in our environment with their child.