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At Kaleen CubbyHouse, children are encouraged to develop a strong sense of identity, feel safe, secure, supported, and nurtured while developing their emerging sense of autonomy, independence, and resilience. Children from an early age are encouraged and challenged to consider empathy, care and respect in all they do- be it for the earth and its resources, peers, friends, family and for one another’s learning. We believe in our learning as CubbyHouse is a truly unique and passionate learning environment.
Educators develop nourish strong, inclusive, responsive and trusting relationships with children and see them as active citizens of their world, enabling them to understand they have rights, as do others and that these rights respectfully occur on Ngnunnawal Land.
Understanding well being for children encapsulates and builds on their knowledge of many daily rhythms such as when to eat if hungry. To learn through play indoors or outdoors by choice, or when to try something new, choosing to participate in a group gathering or be respected for making a choice to be involved as an active listener and observer. CubbyHouse is proud of our relationship-based curriculum in which we collaborate with families and embrace their expertise as their child’s first teacher.
Acknowledging children’s rights to make decisions for themselves and growing in autonomy and agency means growing as an active, respectful, and compassionate co-learner. Children’s voices and learning will be captured and showcased with their permission.
Kaleen CubbyHouse is full of beautiful moments of intentional teaching, splashes of spontaneity and celebrations of our uniqueness and diversity.

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Strong, Inclusive, Responsive and Trusting Relationships

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Acknowledgement of Country

"Here is the land,
Here is the sky.
Here are my friends,
and Here am I."


Kaleen Cubby House acknowledges the Ngunnawal people as the traditional custodians of the land on which we meet, play and learn.

We pay our respects to the Elders of the past, present and future and acknowledge their spiritual connection to Country.

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